Lightbox with PhotoSwipe

Gallery inside a “Classic” block

Gallery as Gutenberg “Gallery” block

Please note, that Gutenberg had a bug which caused the images to be displayed smaller as they really are (also see If you already created a gallery you may need to remove the images and add them again. You also need to add an additional CSS rule to be able to click the images inside the caption:

figcaption {
    pointer-events: none;

Images with special file names or special characters in the caption

These images use non-ASCII characters in the file name:



This image contains emojis like 😊:

Image with alt attribute and EXIF data but no other caption:

Berlin Tempelhof 2018

The following image was added as Gutenberg image block with a link to the media file:

Berlin, 2017-01-29

Images with the characters ” or ‘ in the caption

The "machine"
The “machine” (alternative text)

“Logitech K270” with ‘unifying’ receiver (description)

“So many cables” (caption)

Image without any caption:

Image with a very long text as caption:

This image demonstrates a quite long description.


A tiled gallery

This gallery type is provided by Jetpack.